How to Get Pastel Pink Hair

Hello readers and a belated happy 2017! 

For a long time I have thought that pastel pink coloured hair is absolutely gorgeous, but I never really knew when the right time was to dye my hair that colour. Seeing as I’m back in a liberal university environment, I decided to welcome in the new year and my 23rd birthday with pastel pink hair.

The following blog is a guide to achieving pastel pink hair as seen in the photograph of myself and how to maintain that colour. By no means am I qualified to style hair in any way obviously getting your hair done professionally is the best option but if you’re skint/tight like me and fancy doing it yourself – this is what I did!


  1. Bleaching your hair

    You can use pink dye on your hair without bleaching your hair first. However, it’s unlikely you will get a block colour of pastel pink. Alternatively, it’ll either show up as a pink tint on the hair colour you already have or if you have dark hair it won’t show up at all.
    I used  Crazy Color Bleaching Kit to bleach my hair first. Crazy Color products are vegan and do not test on animals. I bought my bleaching kit from Blue Banana for £7.99, you can buy in store or online!
    Tips: Do your roots first. When bleaching your hair try not to dawdle as you ideally want the ‘dying time’ to be equal on all parts of the hair. Don’t be too hasty in washing out the bleach!! You want it practically white – rather than a yellow – otherwise the colour will come out orange-y. If you have longer hair than mine I would get x2 bottles!


  2. Dying your hair pink

    To dye my hair pastel pink I used Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Hair Dye (Candy Floss no.65) again from Blue Banana. The shop currently has a multi-buy offer, I bought four bottles for £12.00. I only used a bottle and a half for the first application of hair dye, but I found it really useful to have the other bottles handy for topping up the pink when it started to fade.  As the dye is already made-up in the tubes you can just squirt it on your hair rather than having to make up the dye yourself every time. Again if you have longer hair you will likely need more than two bottles! cc_candyfloss

  3.  Maintaining the colour

    OK, this is really important because having pastel pink hair is a two-fold job. Pastel pink hair is notoriously difficult to maintain as a colour, hence you may want to make some extra purchases. But don’t fret my dears I have tried them!
    So firstly, you can do what I did and buy a bottle of Crazy Color Candy Floss to top up the pink whenever you need to. Secondly, you could invest in a shampoo and conditioner to lock in the colour. I would recommend BLEACH London Rose Shampoo. It is brilliant in taking out orangey hues and maintaining an icy pastel pink. This was an absolute god send when I went in the swimming pool on holiday as the chlorine rinsed me of my pink! Once I washed my hair with this shampoo the pink was back. I bought mine from Boots at £6.00 which I think is good value for money at 250ml.


Pop this on your hair and leave it for three minutes. You may find it a bit strange to use as it doesn’t lather up like a regular shampoo. I also read online that others suggested using this in conjunction with BLEACH London Rose Conditioner. I didn’t purchase this at the time but seeing how awesome the shampoo was I’d also recommend the conditioner which is also £6.00 from Boots.
cc_bleachlBLEACH London also do not test on animals. If you order from Boots online you can have it sent to the store for free which is handy! If you don’t want such a stark pink colour, I would also recommend this for a pink wash after bleaching instead of using Crazy Color Candy Floss dye. Boots also do a BLEACH London Pink Hair Bundle for £16.00 if you don’t fancy using Crazy Color: it has the shampoo, conditioner, semi-permanent (2-10 washes) and a BLEACH hair crayon.

Final tip: this sounds gross but try and avoid washing your hair as much as possible (within reason obviously) as I mentioned earlier the colour does fade very quickly. Invest in some dry shampoo if you don’t already have some. I would advise trying to limit washing your hair to twice a week. But if you have oily hair like me definitely buy the BLEACH shampoo. I washed mine every three days.

Please share if you found this helpful or know someone who would! 🙂


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